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Get a better sleep for a better you. Our carefully curated selection of sleep-enhancing activities and amenities will help you achieve a restful and restorative night’s sleep. 

4-Night Minimum Length of Stay


This session introduces you to the principles of the horary cycle, an ancient understanding of the body’s energy flow throughout the day and night. By aligning your activities with this cycle, you can enhance your sleep quality and overall health.

Engage in a private guided hike through the stunning landscapes surrounding Castle Hot Springs. This invigorating activity helps reduce stress and improves overall well-being, which is crucial for a good night’s sleep.


Use your spa credit for any of our rejuvenating treatments, such as a massage, facial, or body wrap. Spa therapies are designed to relieve tension, detoxify the body, and promote deep relaxation, all of which contribute to better sleep.

Create the optimal sleep environment with an expertly sourced kit that includes:

  • Dream Body Butter
  • Herbal Pillow Sachet
  • Cooling Eye Mask
  • Copper Bracelet
  • Harmonizing Sleep Tea
  • Unwind Chocolates
The Spa at Castle Hot Springs Resort, a luxury hot springs resort in USA
Hot Springs Aerial


Explore additional add-ons, activities and adventures to incorporate into your time with us!