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Unmatched Revitalization

 The Castle Hot Springs Spa experience is designed to help you disconnect from the busy outside world and reconnect to yourself and nature. Surrounded by nature whether relaxing or choosing one of many adventures the grounding effect of this property will prepare you to emerge revived.

Our Wellness Pillars

The waterfall causing ripples in the pool of the natural hot springs.

Hot Springs

Someone getting a massage in an outdoor tent is a great way to relax.

Spa Services

Woman beings her yoga practice.


A woman takes a picture of the gorgeous geological formations on her hike near Castle Hot Springs


Spa Services

Castle Hot Springs spa services are provided in custom cabanas set along the spring water creek and under towering palm trees.  Disconnect and relax with these unique services specially designed by our skilled therapists.

Castle Signature Massage

A fully customized massage incorporating a mixture of styles including; Swedish, Therapeutic, Acupressure and more. Perfect for those who know just what they like while they’re relaxing in paradise.

60 minutes $200 | 90 minutes $300


Sometimes a little more is much needed and our strong and talented therapists are able to deliver all levels of deep tissue massage, from firm to profound we have you covered.

60 minutes $225 | 90 minutes $350


Enjoy the soothing warmth of locally sourced stones from our legendary hot springs for a hot stone massage that provides elevated tiers of euphoria as you enjoy all the elements that Castle Hot Springs has to offer.

60 minutes $250 | 90 minutes $375


Add something special to your treatment with an extended bit of luxuriance.

  • In-room Service and BathEnjoy any of our services from the comfort of your own room followed by a warm, spring-fed bath in your private tub with our homemade bath tea.

    $100 additional charge per person

  • Neck and ScalpThis is a relaxing bodywork that uses gentle pressure to relieve tension in the neck and scalp with mild cranial sacral techniques. The removal of this compression can release both emotional and physical stress and restore mobility of the head and neck.

    30 minutes | $120

  • ReflexologyPressure is applied to points within the hands and feet that are connected through the nervous system to corresponding parts of the body. Stimulating these points encourages the movement and release of energy blocks throughout the body.

    30 minutes | $120

  • AcupressureThe body has invisible lines of energy flow called meridians and when these meridians are disrupted by everyday stress and exhaustion, it can lead to a multitude of health concerns.  You can renew your personal feng shui by balancing your energy through acupressure points located on the face. Our therapists will educate you on how to practice the points most beneficial for your body to continue the healing process on your own.

    30 minutes | $120