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Tailored Experiences for Your Stay

Discover the best of Castle Hot Springs with exclusive experiences that enhance your stay.

It is here where immersing yourself in the natural hot springs and surroundings which allows you to emerge in a whole new way. Explore our comprehensive experiences that are tailored to a memorable stay at our secluded desert oasis.   

Upcoming Retreats

Join us for these upcoming one-of-a-kind experiences.



An exclusive 3-day retreat to immerse yourself into yoga like never before.

Explore Stay Packages 

Carefully curated experiences to help you plan your stay.

Slow down and re-align with the Intentional Wellness package. You will receive and participate in a wholly customized, individualized protocol for balance, harmony, and well-being while accessing some of the resort’s top amenities. 

› $255 per person massage credit to apply to your choice of massage

› Your choice of 2 hours per person from our Intentional Wellness Menu.

› Guidance on maintaining the balance post-visit

› 3-Night Minimum Stay Required

Challenge yourself in nature with two invigorating adventures that help you explore the surrounding terrain up close. Two adventure excursions have been added for this package which will take you places few have gone before. 

› One 3-hour Crater Canyon Guided Adventure Tour, per person

› One 120-minute Scenic Desert e-Bike Guided Tour, per person

› 3-Night Minimum Stay Required

Get a better sleep for a better you. Our carefully curated selection of sleep-enhancing activities and amenities will help you achieve a restful and restorative night’s sleep. 

› Divine Slumber Session

› Private Guided Hike

› Massage Credit

› Sleep Kit

› 4-Night Minimum Stay Required


Experience what may be the original meaning of SPA – Salus Per Aquam meaning wellness through water. Learn how to maximize the benefits of the mineral rich natural hot spring pools to fully embrace the therapeutic waters.

› One 60-minute Watsu Treatment, per person

› One 60-minute water element trio of Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, per reservation

› 3-Night Minimum Stay Required