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It has been a long held belief that soaking in the warm waters of our hot springs has had potential health benefits. In fact, our springs story begins way back with indigenous tribes travelling to them for medicinal purposes. Today, our guests can enjoy a soak knowing specifically what is in our waters and the possible benefits.

The therapeutic qualities associated with hot springs soaking are due in large part to these wellness-boosting minerals contained in the water. Each hot spring boasts its own naturally occurring hybrid mix of minerals, which vary from place to place depending on the geology of the area. Take a look at some of the minerals you can expect in our springs:


Natural salts are said to assist with the alleviation of arthritic symptoms, stimulate the body’s lymphatic system and help to maintain body fluid balance.  Both an electrolyte and mineral it plays a pivotal role in enzyme operations, maintaining blood pressure, plus supports nerve and muscle functions.


Can help to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. It is essential in regulating many internal organs such as the heart and muscle function.


Aids in converting blood sugar to energy, speeding up muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, and promoting healthy skin.  Magnesium is calming to the nerves and the reduction in inflammation usually results in a reduction in pain.  Important for the breakdown of fatty acids and cholesterol. It helps maintain hormone levels, along with regulating heartbeat and blood pressure.  Supports the body’s creation of energy and nervous system regulation.


Hot springs rich in sulfur are used for a variety of conditions including skin infections, respiratory problems, and skin inflammations.  At Castle Hot Springs the sodium and even some magnesium neutralize any odor.


Thought to assist in improving circulation, which aids against cardiovascular disease including hypertension. Often found in warrior springs, bicarbonates are useful for reducing lactic acid and muscle fatigue.  Bicarbonate waters are also thought to have a positive effect on nervous system imbalances.



Thought to play a major role in preventing osteoporosis and arthritis, metabolizing hormones including increasing testosterone in men and regulating estrogen in women. It is also thought to be helpful in joint repair and improving brain and cognitive performance.


Believed to have a calming effect and aid in the formation of new brain cells and protect against neurodegenerative diseases.  Lithium is reported as also reported to poses a mood-stabilizing quality. It promotes brain health and alleviates depression.  Referred to as the happy mineral.